Brilliant Phoenix Rise!

From the ashes, from the fire…the light, Phoenix rises.

In life, we experience much.  Much of it FEELS GOODSome of it does not.
It’s what we do with the ‘some of it does not’ part that I’m speaking to here.

When life delivers something seemingly less than we’d hoped for we can wallow in it, carry it around with us like an old-over-stuffed piece of baggage, or we can take one look at it and see the something more than amazing that arose as a result of it.

It’s a choice.
I’d like to propose that life can be even better than the proverbial bowl of cherries or the best box of chocolates when we choose to recognize and appreciate our Phoenix rising.

We are the Phoenix.  Time and again, we rise!

PhoenixRising 193x300 Brilliant Phoenix Rise!Mythologically speaking, the Phoenix, steeped in many traditions, gives us plenty to wrap our feel-good-hearted heads around. The Phoenix represents~

  • Light,
  • Sun,
  • Forward Looking,
  • Undying,
  • Perspective,
  • Higher Good,
  • and Transformation to name just several.

Isn’t that incredible?
The Phoenix is representative of us.

In our Joy of Brilliance, we are the Phoenix~

As this Phoenix, we continue to rise from and rise above adversity, challenge, the contrast.

  • We rise stronger, surer, keener, more aware.
  • We rise knowing ourselves more deeply than we did before.
  • We rise appreciating the vastness from whence we came…and the greatness toward which we direct ourselves as a result.

Phoenix Rise!

This is me.  Appreciating the Phoenix in you.
I recognize the Phoenix in us all.

I choose to see, to focus on the Joy of Brilliance that shines forth from within each of us.

And in so doing, the world becomes brighter.  My life experience becomes lighter, more free, more exhilarating.

And as that occurs, I stand in the presence of own Phoenix rising before me, rising within me as brilliant as the sun.  Again.

I am Phoenix.

You are Phoenix.

Together we rise.

Together we shine.

Have you hugged your Phoenix today?  I’m hugging mine.

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