How Home Schooling Led Me to My Brilliance

I grew up like most.  I went to conventional school.

In this aspect, I also feel I may be like most.  I often felt like a square peg being stuffed into a round hole.

Really rather, I felt like a uniquely-me-shaped-me who didn’t necessarily fit the rigid containers seemingly designed as one-size-fits-all.

Did I suffer as a result of this experience?  No.  Not really.  Well, OK…by definition, maybe.
Were there times I tolerated?  Yes.
Were there times I felt subjected to situations or things less than pleasant?  Yes.
And did I choose to observe the qualities inherent in the toleration that led me to a brighter awareness of who I was in my greatest, most purest sense? Absolutely.

Through out our life experience, we’re given the opportunity to grow, to expand and to breathe into all that is possible within us.  We are limitless.  We are truly our own Genie inside the bottle…just waiting to give birth to our potential.

Parenting Woke Up Sleeping Aspects Within Me

When I became a parent, something new was ignited in me.

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You Are Your Own Genie Inside the Bottle!

There was an aspect of my passion that was lit that day that has fueled my path well.

As I watched our son, Destin grow I could see his Brilliance, I could feel his JOY.  It was easy to see what he was passionate about.  And even if it wasn’t always exactly my passion, it turned me on to know I could nurture, encourage and foster those passions within him.  I knew that if I did that, I was doing well by him.

When he reached school age, we sent him to school.  The conventional way.  The way his father and I had experienced.  After all, we turned out OK. This would work for him too.

And it would have worked fine, I’m sure.

But there was something deep down within me that knew that for Destin, there was a better (different) way.

Guided by Passion

We chose to home school Destin after he finished first grade and we’ve been enthusiastically following that path ever since.  He’s now an excelling, passionate Sophomore who loves his life and enjoys creating his experience (with guidance from his passionate, committed parents) his own way.  He knows who he is. He’s confident and assured.  He’s sensitive.  He’s kind.  He’s funny.  Is he doing everything exactly as I wish he would? No. Am I confident that he’s doing it all in harmony with his becoming?  Yes. And that’s enough.

Best of all?  Destin gets that HE creates his reality, his experience, his Joy.  And he knows he’s fully supported in doing so.

I came across this quote from Resa Steindel Brown this morning in an interview she did when CBS News did a recent story on Home Schooling~

Each child is born with the seeds of their own brilliance. ~Resa Steindel Brown, Author of The Call to Brilliance, A True Story to Inspire Parents & Educators

I agree with Resa wholeheartedly!  And where ever we are in our journey through life, we owe it to ourselves to nurture those seeds of Brilliance within.  We are blessed and born to shine!

The Greatest Blessing

More than anything, what being a home schooling parent has afforded me is my

  • steadfast commitment to following my passion,
  • leading my life with JOY from the inside out,
  • continually tapping ever more deliciously deeper into my own unique brilliance,
  • and expressing that more fully day by day.

By committing to home schooling Destin, I’ve committed to my own lifelong expression of my Brilliance.

Home schooling gives me permission to follow my bliss and holds me accountable to being a walking example of what I hold to be true.

This path has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.

What do I know for sure?

I know that it’s never too late to follow your passions.  It’s never too late to write a new story, to dream a new dream, to create a new reality…one that you cherish, adore, thrive on and find magically delicious in every way.

Your book is yet unwritten.  What will you fill your pages with?

Every day upon waking, ask yourself…

  • What JOY will bubble forth today?
  • What do I choose to create today?
  • What will I engage in today that makes my heart sing?

Creating your day in this way is bound to bring you exactly where you want to be.

Is it that easy? I believe it is.

(Beliefs are just thoughts we keep on thinking.)

Here are a few I repeat often:

  • Life is Good…and getting GREATer all the time.
  • JOY is mine.  Always.  All ways.
  • Ease and Flow as my guides, JOY my true north, Life amazes me with its goodness.
  • I’m awesome.  :)  (…like that one?)

What are some thoughts you keep thinking that have turned into Happy Power Beliefs in your life?

Shine on, Brilliant Ones!

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