I’m a Money Magnet!

In my last post I shared how Lakshmi and the energy of Prosperity and Abundance have been awakened within me.

I’m a little over half way through my first 40 day cycle of chanting, “Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha” 108 times in a row each morning.

I look forward to waking up with Lakshmi.  I light a candle, center myself and call my attention to the energy of Goddess Lakshmi~the energy of prosperity and abundance.

When I finish chanting I sit quietly with Lakshmi.  Most mornings as I listen I receive a message from her.  Many times it comes in the form of an affirmation that I can repeat through out the day that supports manifestation in my life.

Today’s experience was interesting to say the least.  Very telling.

Today I could feel my ‘Inner Lakshmi’ charged and awake more than any other so far.

I literally felt the energy of prosperity and abundance buzzing inside me.  As I was chanting I could feel myself as the magnet.  I could feel the power of magnetizing that which I was attracting to me; in this case money, prosperity, abundance!

What a feeling!

I felt clear, strong, directly empowered.  
I felt happy, secure, self-assured.  
I felt as though when I opened my eyes I wouldn’t be surprised to find hundreds of thousands of $green$ glued to my body.  
The force was that strong.

When I finished chanting and sat in quiet listening I immediately heard, “I am a money magnet.  Prosperity and abundance are attracted to me.”

That felt good.  I repeated this several times:

“I am a money magnet.  Prosperity and abundance are attracted to me.”

And then I noticed something.  The positive charge I felt with it at first was dissipating. It was being replaced by thoughts from my judging mind.

Thoughts that said:

  • “Hey, it’s not all about money” and
  • “Where’s the consciousness in saying you’re a money magnet?!” and
  • “What will people think if they know you’re thinking this way…about money…something so material.” and
  • “Money.  Are you sure?  Maybe that’s being a little too greedy.”

As if caught in a tailspin, I started making up other affirmations I was more comfortable with:

  • “My conscious inner magnetism is turned on.  Everything I want is attracted to me.”

Yes, and one of the things you want is money.  Just say it.  “I want money.”  There.

  • “I am an abundance magnet.  I attract abundance on all levels.”

‘On all levels’ is one I’ll use often with abundance…it’s my way of telling the Universe that money is only part of the abundance   equation.  Like the Universe doesn’t know that already?

It’s MY head trip…I’m the one who doesn’t want to be thought of as money hungry.
Who’s thinking that anyway?  Where does that come from?  Why do I care?

Those are some good questions.  I’m sure Lakshmi will continue to enlighten me.

I am balanced in my perspective of abundance.  Of course I am.  I *so* am.  So why the discomfort with saying, “I want an abundance of money”?

3369808049 b77fb0ba4f I’m a Money Magnet!There.  I said it.  “I want an abundance of money.”


Because having an abundance of money brings grace and ease into my life allowing me flexibility and freedom to be in service, to share with others and to have fun doing it.

Whoa Nelly.  Hold the phone.

What was happening here?  Something important.

Was I really interested in chanting to Lakshmi for prosperity and abundance…of which money is a wonderful part?

After all abundance can mean many things…the “on all levels” thing can and does apply.
What about the prosperity part?
I’m pretty sure that part speaks to the green, dinero, moola, cash.

Here I was switching up a perfectly good Money Mantra to the Goddess Lakshmi to reflect my squirming discomfort around admitting that it’s acceptable for me to be OK with money.
That I’m OK with wanting money.
In the process I created a Money Mantra with all kinds of side bars, disclaimers and clauses.  HAH!

Clear as Mud

I’m sure all of that is about as clear as mud to the Universe.

It’s a wonder I’ve been supported with prosperity to the level I have been!  …and perhaps not as full on as I may be if I just get over myself and get in the vortex* already!
*(Vortex:  The place Abraham says is where everything we’ve ever been aligned with resides.)

Wow.  What an exercise.  Lakshmi means business!

When you’re working with the Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance you can count on finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  More than once.  Unlimited times.

I believe I found one such pot today.  A pot of gold that reflects:  I am a Money Magnet.  Prosperity and Abundance are BOLDLY attracted to me. Notice how I added ‘boldly’?


  • I’m clear.
  • I’m stating it boldly.
  • I’m done feeling uncomfortable with money.
  • Money is energy just like everything else.
  • I am just as conscious with the energy of money as I am with the energy of everything else.
  • Money is good.
  • Money assists me in doing good.
  • I love money.

Are you feeling it? Anyone relate to this experience?

Do share…

And in the meantime…say it with me:


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6 Responses to “I’m a Money Magnet!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Deb, Thanks for the reminder and a recognition of what goes on when we listen to our thoughts and feelings about money. Interesting what comes up. Kevin

    Kevin’s last blog post..Work-Life Balance – Practical Wisdom versus Bureaucracy, Rules & Incentives


  2. Joanne Plamondon Says:

    Wow Debra! What a colourful experience with a nice touch of humour! Ah how the beliefs of ghosts past creep up to force us into justifying our lust for money. Why?! It is our God given right and anything less then knowing proserity, gratitude and easy is short of fulfilling our earthly mission. Money is energy and the more we allow ourselves to be fill with this energy, we become a better instrument of God.
    I invite everyone right now to take inventor of their true beliefs about money and maybe that will shed a little light on why it’s not entering your life despite all your prayers and mantras. You might be surprised to see your true beliefs. I know I was.


  3. David Wolfe Superfoods Says:

    cool. I love to chant too. i think having more high energy foods can help awaken our inner abundance.


  4. Debra Says:

    I completely agree Superfoods Fans!! My diet is over 80% raw, highly nutritious and alkalizing by nature. I’ve observed since making this choice that my intuitive awareness is heightened BIG time…and my inner abundance just feels SO good! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Myles Harman Says:

    Hi Debra,

    Recently, I was able to figure what my emotional attachment to money was. I have noticed that money effects my confidence. More money, more confidence, less money etc…

    With more confidence, I can achieve my goals much sooner. So now I know it is ok for me to have lots of money!


    Thanks for this post!



  6. Valerie Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can completely identify with this.


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