Lakshmi, Prosperity, Abundance and Me

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance.  She and I have been bonding lately.

You know how it is when something catches your attention and then suddenly it seems you see it everywhere?

That’s how my story with Lakshmi begins.

Near the end of February her image started floating through my awareness; I would randomly realize I was thinking about Lakshmi.  Several days after this I received a Lakshmi email that was being forwarded around talking about the positive power of Lakshmi and the energy of prosperity and abundance.

The email came with a beautiful image of Lakshmi.  I thought, how perfect!  I printed the image to hang next to me while I’m at the computer…it’s where I am.  A lot.  Where better to see Lakshmi’s glowing expression of prosperity and abundance than where I sit to work, write and do what I do.

Package of Three = Pay Extra Attention

I don’t know if you’re counting, but we’re on two Lakshmi encounters.  I wasn’t counting at the time.  And then, on March 5th…just days after I printed my image of Lakshmi the third encounter knocked on my door.  Well actually, she came in through the computer as a post from Good Vibe Coach, Jeannette Maw.3067223971 d64c74cac5 b Lakshmi, Prosperity, Abundance and Me

Lakshmi is one smart goddess!  She knew that if she came in through Jeannette for her third entrance that I’d be alert and paying attention.  Jeannette’s post included a “money mantra”.  I read it and immediately unglued my poster from the wall and scripted the mantra across the top in beautiful magenta lettering:  “Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha”.

Jeannette’s post went on to explain how it’s been said that repeating the mantra 108 times in a row each day for 40 days consecutively will bring even more prosperity and abundance into one’s life.  That sounded really good to me.

The Attraction Factor

I consider myself a good money attractor; an overall good prosperity and abundance manifester.  Somehow over the last several years I seem to have gone left of center with my  “in the zone-ness” about money and attracting it.

My relationship with feeling good about attracting money was stressed.

I have my notions about how and why that happened.

What’s important right now is that my awareness of being out of the zone, out of alignment with attracting money has been increasingly apparent.  (I haven’t been attracting much…  and by the way, I in no way attribute that to the current supposed state our our economy.  I accept full responsibility.  I create my reality.  My attraction factor *was* out of sync.  *see?  stepping back in the zone!*)

Who’s that Knocking on the Door??

The timing of Laskshmi showing up is impeccable…downright serendipitous.  She may have been knocking earlier for all I know…if she was, no one was home.  We all know it’s only when we’re lined up with receiving what it is we need that it can actually arrive.

Having Lakshmi’s assistance now just makes it that much EASE-ier to move in the direction I was already headed with GRACE.  It’s like having a buddy to help when you’re moving the big stuff; just so much better to have company.

On the spring equinox I decided to get serious with Lakshmi. I created my mala necklace (108 beads strung together to help track the number of times the mantra is chanted).  Each morning from that day forward Lakshmi and I have been bonding.

That was 18 days ago as of the writing of this post.

I have had some brilliant aha! moments while doing this chanting.  Even more so as I sit in the silence after the chant.  Lakshmi’s energy is so alive and awakened within me.  It’s absolutely palpable, the energy I feel is super hero like.  I’m loving this and I see no reason to stop after 40 days at this point!


My first AHA! realization came after the first 3 days chanting.  As I’m typing this I’m laughing because I could just as easily call it a DUH! moment.  :0)

At first it was as if chanting the mantra was like when I get a new pair of shoes.

  • They’re not entirely comfortable right away.
  • They belong to me, but I haven’t made them my own.
  • The shoes feel good to me; I like them a lot…I spend time in them and as the days wear on they become a part of me.
  • Suddenly they’re so comfortable it’s as if I’ve been wearing them forever.

That’s what the first few days chanting, “Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha” over and over, 108 times felt like.

I liked it, it felt good…and it wasn’t entirely comfortable or my own yet.

In those first days I felt like I was chanting the mantra to something, some where…outside of me.

This is the AHA! / DUH! moment…

On day four it hit me!

Lakshmi is a part of me.  Lakshmi’s energy is with me, within…all the time.  She’s not outside some where…never was.  She’s inside, a part of Source…where all the GOOD stuff is!

Is she always activated?  Not necessarily.

When I bring my attention to her, to the energy of prosperity and abundance, is that energy within me infinitely available?  ABSOLUTELY!

There it is!

From day 4 onward I felt the super hero charge of Lakshmi ignited within me and she’s been revved up ever since!

I live my life knowing that I have everything I need inside me.  I live my life knowing the truth and power of Source that resides within me at all times.  I know that I am the maker and the creator of my life experience; I relish in that knowing, I am grateful for that knowing.

And yet…  Here I am.  Being blown away by the powerful experience of recognizing the energy of prosperity and abundance within me like I’m meeting it for the first time.

Interesting, yes?  It’s all about layers.  Layer of experience.  Depths of knowing.  Infinite unfolding.  A continuum.  Life is grand.

I am eternally grateful for this AHA! moment.  I’m grateful that I can still be surprised and amazed each time I discover something ‘new’ that was there all the time.

The energy of Lakshmi is newly awakened within me.  The fullest potential of prosperity and abundance is awake within me!  YES!

OK.  So, now that I woke her up…  What next?  What has happened since?


  1. Unprecedented amounts of fresh energy and inspiration,
  2. more perfect clients,
  3. unexpected money
  4. …and so much more.

Seriously.  In just 18 days!  Love knowing that it’s just going to keep getting better and better!

Have you met Lakshmi?
Is she awake in your life?
How about the energy of Prosperity and Abundance?

Tell me about it…!

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GoodVibeBlog~Jeannette Maw’ Post
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42 Responses to “Lakshmi, Prosperity, Abundance and Me”

  1. Pamir | Reiki Help Blog Says:

    Lakshmi is the goddess who has no concept of lack whatsoever. She’s been with me for fifteen years. She also creates beauty & love. That picture you have is truly beautiful & will replace the one on my desktop.

    Recently it was the springtime 9 nights of the Goddess, starting with 3 dedicated to Lakshmi. I tweeted abundantly about it with links to other information. I hope you saw some of them. There’s one really great article by Sally Kempton I linked to.

    The goddesses are archetypal presences & forces. It’s even better to honor & use their mantras with understanding. There’s a lot of information available online.

    Pamir | Reiki Help Blog’s last blog post..Reiki as it is


    • Mohinder Singh Says:

      Hi Pamir Ji!

      Liked your frank writing on the Subject. The reason replying to you is to get blessing by your Reiki. Do believe in the immense power of healing and prosperity brought about with Reiki, please can you do Reiki for Good Career, Luck, Prosperity added to it The Lakshmi Blessings to pour this way?

      Thanking you in anticipation with Love and Gratitude :)
      .-= Mohinder Singh´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.


  2. Debra Says:

    Dear Pamir…

    Thank you so much for shining your light and experience here. (Another gift from Lakshmi :)

    You’ve pointed out some wonderful things. The experiences I’ve been having while sitting with Lakshmi have been awe inspiring.

    I love that you mentioned Lakshmi being about love and beauty as well as prosperity and abundance as that explains some of the impressions and messages I’ve been receiving which are very centered in Love and Beauty.

    I made my own mala. As I was choosing which beads to use my head kept thinking I should use citrine (for abundance)…but I kept feeling and hearing that rose quartz and moonstone would be lovely and perfect.

    I followed my guidance and used rose quartz and moon stone; knowing the qualities of those stones were much more about love, emotional healing and intuition than any thing else. When I felt impressions and messages coming through that leaned toward those qualities I attributed it to the stones energy along with Lakshmi’s.

    Thank you for the other reminders as well.

    I assure you I come to everything I do; chanting this mantra included, with the utmost of reverence and honor. I recognize the presence & force of the goddess archetypes and am deeply grateful to bear witness to the energy at work in my life.

    Lakshmi is not new to me; she’s like an old friend. I hadn’t seen her or felt her near in awhile and it’s just oh so wonderful to be back in touch. :0)

    I’ll go and search through your tweets (on Twitter) to find the links from the springtime 9 nights of the Goddess. Somehow you and I must not have been tweeting at the same time…as I missed them; and had we been in Twitterland simultaneously, I know these tweets would have drawn me in.

    If you still have the link for the Sally Kempton article; I’d be happy for you to offer it in a comment here.

    With gratitude, In Harmony…


  3. The Authentic Change Coach Says:

    O, thank you for this great post. I also read Jeanette’s post and I decided to do it. I have been excited that I have reached day 25 and it does feel good. What I like about your post is reminding us that the spirit of abundance is within us. Lakshimi is within us. Waaay cool.

    I cannot wait to do the chant tomorrow morning remembering that energy is in me already.

    Thank you for such a great post.

    Iyabo Asani

    The Authentic Change Coach’s last blog post..Facebook and Twitter Basics: Newbie Social Networking skills


  4. Debra Says:

    Oooo Iyabo! I’m doing the happy dance since reading your comment!

    It just feels SO good to know I’ve got company chanting right along with me. That’s just got to amp up the energy of prosperity and abundance, don’t you think? :0)

    I’ll be thinking of you when I’m with Lakshmi tomorrow morning.

    Knowing the essence and energy of prosperity and abundance is within and all we need to do is tap in, turn it on and wake up to the potential gives me all kinds of tingly ‘truth bumps’!

    Thanks for the vibe raising goodness…and thanks for stopping by!

    In Harmony… Debra


  5. Good Vibe Coach Says:

    You guys are making me feel a little foolish that I have to keep starting my 40 days over because inevitably I end up missing a day after getting a couple days in a row in. !

    Debra, I LOVE the analogy to the shoes, and have thought of it several times since I read this beautiful post! Thank you for your insightful wisdom and an empowered perspective on the Lakshmi within. :)

    Much love -

    Good Vibe Coach’s last blog post..Going Platinum


  6. Debra Says:

    Hee Hee…I have to giggle ’cause I *knew* you would love the shoe analogy, Jeannette!

    Seriously…it flowed out and when I went back to read it I thought, Jeannette’s gonna relate to the shoes! :0)

    No need to feel a little foolish (unless you want to!)…I don’t really think Lakshmi minds that you continue to start over; new beginnings are always great and I’m sure each time you begin your inner Lakshmi is even more charged, awake and ready to respond.

    Thanks for sharing your YOU, here Jeannette…always loved and appreciated!!

    XO Debra


  7. Kevin Says:

    Good article for me Debra. I’ve been reading and listening to Abraham and other teachers using a number of their methods. Abundance is something I’ve been involved in trying to get more of for most of my life. I’ll take a look at Lakshmi and see how I can incorporate her into my life. Thanks.

    Kevin’s last blog post..Food for Thought Fridays – Life Balance, Good Friday & Song Writing


  8. Judie Says:

    I, too, have been doing the mantra. I began on May 1st so I am on day 9. I wrote an essay to honor my Mom for Mother’s Day and it was published by the New York Times blog, The Local. I am beyond thrilled. When I say the mantra, I am filled with a warmth and I especially feel it in the center of my chest. I have found numerous ways of saying it, sometimes I sit and silently say it. Other times I will say it at the gym, while on the treadmill. Most days I have been saying it way more than 108 times although I make sure each “session” is at least 108 times. I cannot wait to see what manifests next!

    Judie’s last blog post..Happy Mother’s Day!


  9. Debra Says:

    Wow Judie! Thanks so much for sharing your story with me.

    It’s so much fun knowing that others are out there embracing the energy of Lakshmi, the energy of prosperity and abundance in their daily lives as well.

    I think it’s awesome that you’re following your own unique guidance and using the chant as it comes naturally. That’s true brilliance!

    I’m on my second 40 day cycle now. When I reached the end of the first cycle I saw no reason to stop. I love the feeling I get when chanting to/with Lakshmi…and when something feels good it’s a perfect indicator to me that it’s working and that continuing is a good thing! (Isn’t it grand how simple life can be? :0)

    Congratulations on your Mother’s Day essay being published on the New York Times blog!! That’s an amazing accomplishment.

    I’m on my way to read your “in honor of Mom” post now…

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Judie…

    And may you continue to feel the flow of Lakshmi ever present in your life.

    In Harmony… Debra


  10. Judie Says:

    Debra, I tried emailing you back but it bounced back to me. At any rate, here it is:

    Debra, wow, thank you so much for the personal email. That is very sweet.
    I’d love to hear more about your own experiences with the mantra. I have
    read a few of your past posts, including attracting money. Did you read on
    Jeannette’s blog that someone doing the chant was invited to a completely
    paid vacation? Now, I can use that sort of abundance :-)

    Judie’s last blog post..Happy Mother’s Day!


  11. Debra Says:

    Hi Judie! I posted this comment in the thread of Jeannette’s post too. Just wanted to be sure you heard how it’s going for me, ’cause you asked…and wanted to say WOO-HOO to you for going for it!

    I’m on my second cycle, half way through…so 60 days in a row for me. The thing I’m honestly most thrilled about is how good it feels!!

    It feels so good…and that’s enough of an indicator to me that it’s something to continue. (Going for the feel good…what feels best…my mantra & many others here at GoodVibeBlog!! *right, Jeannette?* :)

    I’ve had TONS of awesome things line up since chanting. Lots of little things and a couple of big ones. (No paid vacation…like someone else here; kudos for that! But, I think that’s because my life is sort of like vacation all the time; I love it all the work is play for me and my life has freedom and flexibility built right in…so it’s all gooood. As an aside…I would be in complete receiver mode if a paid vacation were to land in my lap!! Happy to receive.

    Most of what’s been flowing for me are incredible ‘perfect matches’ in my ever expanding circle of goodness. More great clients, wonderful connections to organizations, movements, etc. that totally turn me on, etc.

    The absolute best thing that’s occurred for me since the feel good of chanting to Lakshmi is the overwhelming sense of peace and calm I feel around pretty much everything. I’m just plain happy. And giddy with trust.

    That’s good enough for me!! :)

    Keep me posted, Judie! Remember, the key is to just be with it…be in the feel good of it and allow the rest.

    In Harmony,
    (@debsoul on Twitter)


  12. Judie Says:

    Debra, thank you so much for the update. I really enjoy hearing people’s experiences with the mantra. Today is day 23 for me. I’ve been experimenting with different ways of chanting. I believe I have mentioned I have done it silently, out loud, while on the treadmill at the gym, while taking a walk outside, etc… When I first started doing it, I was filled with an incredible warmth in my chest. It felt amazing. But, alas, that feeling has disappeared :-( I’m trying not to chase it but I would love to feel that way again. I think today when I chant, I’m going to sit quietly and chant out loud.

    Also, when I first began to chant, I felt truly open to whatever I was going to manifest. As the days have gone by, I have started to focus on specific events that I wanted to manifest. One happened within days, and I am waiting for the others to manifest.

    I will keep you posted. And, please do the same for us :-)

    Judie’s last blog post..Almost Summer


  13. Debra Says:

    Thank YOU for your update, Judie!

    For me, it’s felt aligned to chant aloud. I love the feeling of the chant resonating through my body (our body is a temple of sound, a vibrational resonator. We are human tuning forks!)

    When we chant aloud the vibration of the words (and tones) assimilate into the core of our being. I just love the feeling…it’s like a tuning (attuning) for our body. It gets the cells in our bodies alive with the essence of what it is we’re chanting.

    Have you experienced Kirtan singing before? (Singing/Chanting in a group?) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that experience. So when I’m chanting/singing the mantra it brings me that warm, expansive feeling in my chest along with such JOY.

    I think this is why I’ve continued…it just feels too good to stop!

    I use my beads in the morning and always chant aloud…only because, as I said, that’s what feels good for me.

    Throughout the day I’ll notice the chant silently floating through my awareness at random. There have been days where I’ve found myself going vocal with it at random moments as well. For the most part, I’ve only been doing it in a ‘structured’ sense in the a.m.’s.

    I’ve heard that the more you chant it, the more benefit will come your way…

    My mantra for life in general is: “Follow the Feel Good”. It always leads to more feel good, more joy, more expansion of feeling even ‘gooder’. LOL

    So, with this Lakshmi chant…I say, follow the same…go with what feels good, with what feels best!

    Happy chanting to you! …and happy manifesting no matter how it arrives!!

    In Harmony… Debra

    PS~Good Chanting/Kirtan to get in the flow…my favorite of the moment: Snatam Kaur She’s an Angel, Pure and Brilliant.


  14. Judie Says:

    Hi Deb, thank you again! I was chanting out loud until I read this:

    Q: I sometimes say mantras silently when I am around other people. Is this OK?

    A: Ultimately, saying mantras silently is the most powerful way to say them. The silent repetition stimulates the corresponding petals of the chakras so that energy is brought into the subtle body.

    But as you say, I say follow whatever your heard desires! I’ve been saying it silently but today I will say it out loud. I love experimenting with the chant. I have to say, I crack up when I’m at the gym on the treadmill and I see people looking at me holding my mala.

    The only group chanting I have done is during my yoga practice. I did attend a special yoga event where we did more than the traditional “Ohm” chant and I ended up leaving the room in tears! I cried for a minute or two and then rejoined the class. No idea what happened. Clearly something happened though! I could not hold back the tears and I felt wonderful releasing.

    The new moon is tomorrow. I will write this on my new moon wish list. I’d like to experience more group chanting. Thank you for pointing me in that direction!


  15. Debra Says:

    You are TOO cute, Judie! How fun sharing this experience with you!

    Thanks for the link; very cool. And yes, I really do believe it’s about going with what feels best to you…guidelines are good…and then do what feels best (always!).

    LOL~I have to say picturing you on the treadmill with your mala gives me the giggles. You go, Girl! Treadmill + Mala/Chanting feels like multi=tasking to me…I’ll continue w/my sit chanting. (…although getting on a treadmill at some other point may be a great idea! ;)

    I’m glad you liked the suggestion for more chanting. LOVE your OM experience. So very powerful!!

    Happy New Moon Cycle! :)


  16. Judie Says:

    Debra, I’m glad I made you laugh :-) I have been taking a more tranquil approach with my mantra for the past couple of days. I have been chanting out loud, sitting down. Unfortunately, I am not achieving that state of warmth and peace in my chest. I even have been doing 2 rounds of chants and the feeling is still alluding me. I know I have to let it go and it will find me again :p It’s such a wonderful feeling.


    Judie’s last blog post..Ouch!


  17. Judie Says:

    Debra, I just had to share what I did this morning. I did one round out loud, sitting down, looking at the picture you have on your site. I love it, by the way. Again, I did not get any warm feeling in my chest :-( I wanted to do another round but didn’t feel very inspired.

    So, I went back to reread some of the replies on Jeannette’s blog post. I clicked on the youtube video and decided to do another round “with” the video. It was so fun!! As I began chanting, I could feel my vibration immediately rise. Of course, it could be because he chants so quickly! LOL!!

    Judie’s last blog post..Ouch!


  18. Lynise Says:

    On June 3, I could not get the word Lakshmi out of my head. It was the first time in my life that I received the “Lakshmi Call”. So I started to do some investigating and found your website. Now I am chanting the mantra. I made my mala necklace and look forward each day to saying it. Hey, ever since I started, I’ve been itchy all over! Mostly the head and back but just about everywhere. And my 3 year old, too! I will keep you posted! Thanks so much for sharing!


  19. Lynise Says:

    Oh, and I will certainly keep you updated on what transpires! I don’t know how to explain it except I feel “excited”! But there is some cleansing going on, too. Old stuff. But I just let it pass on by and out!


  20. sonia Says:

    I think Lakshmi wants to be back in my life. When I read Jeannette’s post on the 40 days of chanting, I was going through tough times in my personal life, so I did the mantra, everyday for 3 weeks and it brought peace to me, and love and unexpected money and lotta other things but then I stopped. I don’t know why. Kind of forgot about it. And 2 days ago, I had a dream. I was on a plane with a young beautiful child and he was chanting the Lakshmi mantra. I was delighted and also surprised cos he used the music I created for it. And I asked him “where did you learn this chant?”, he smiled at me and I woke up. And today, I find your post Debra. I really feel that Lakshmi’s energy is calling me. God, this goddess is really magical!
    Thanks Debra


  21. Judie Says:

    I just emailed you, but wanted to see if you (and everyone and anyone else) was still chanting. I am in the middle of another 40 day practice. This time, I am chanting to both Ganesh and to Lakshmi. I have made a lot of headway this time around. I think it’s because I am much more focused this time. Also I purchased the book Healing Mantras by Thomas Ashley-Farrand. It has valuable information and tips on all different mantras, how to use them, etc… Most days I chant 4 malas- 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. I also chant throughout the day. Sometimes, I am way too tired to chant in the evening but I feel that’s ok as long as I maintain my morning practice. Some days I go beyond the 4 malas.

    I hope everyone is doing well and chanting away! Om shanti!
    .-= Judie´s last blog ..Drinking At Home =-.


  22. Judie Says:

    Sonia, wow, that is an amazing dream! I wish Lakshmi would “contact” me in some direct way. I have been searching for a statue and a pendant. I don’t feel as drawn to Ganesh but the more I chant, the more I like him :-)
    .-= Judie´s last blog ..Drinking At Home =-.


  23. Debra Says:

    How wonderful that you’re chanting again, Judie…and now with a renewed passion with tangible results! Great News; thanks for stopping by to report!

    I am still chanting, I’m almost through w/my 3rd consecutive cycle…hard for me to believe! Time sure does fly…whew!

    Chanting to Lakshmi just feels so good to me on so many levels. I think chanting in general is a ‘feel good’ tool; I just love the space it creates for me to shine in brilliance each day.

    I continue to experience ease and grace around manifesting everything these days. I have a steady flow of prosperity and abundance and I am deeply, joyously grateful for every blessing.

    Here’s to your continued JOY through chanting!
    OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti ~Debra
    .-= Debra´s last blog ..Desperately Seeking? Time for a Re-Frame! =-.


  24. Debra Says:

    Dear Sonia…

    How incredible that you were guided to this post so that I could be graced by the amazing beauty of your dream story!

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I’d love to hear more about the music you’ve created for the Lakshmi chant.

    May the energy of Lakshmi, the energy of prosperity and abundance, of love, beauty and creation be alive and well within you as you share your brilliance with the world.

    In Harmony… Debra
    .-= Debra´s last blog ..Desperately Seeking? Time for a Re-Frame! =-.


  25. sonia Says:

    Hi Judie. I guess Lakshmi doesn’t have to contact you, you’re chanting the mantra! I’m the one who needs to be reminded. :D
    But if you want signs, I’m sure you’ll get them. Just expect them.
    Have a nice day!


  26. sonia Says:

    Thank you Debra for your wonderful wishes. I’m so lucky, I always find the right person at the right moment and you are one of them.
    I can’t write music but I always find a tune for my affirmations. I don’t know how I can do that, I guess the tunes find me :)
    Love and many blessings


  27. Judie Says:

    Hi Sonia. OK, I am asking and expecting a sign :-) I will keep you posted.
    .-= Judie´s last blog ..Drinking At Home =-.


  28. Debra Says:

    I love that, Sonia! “…I guess the tune finds me.” Tunes are always finding me and I don’t ‘write music’ either. :)

    I have a ‘tune’ that I chant to Lakshmi, too. When I first recognized that the same ‘tune’ and pattern of notes was accompanying my chanting I literally thought…”hey, that’s cool…I like it, where did that come from?”

    Gifts from Source. :0) I’m in deep gratitude for all of it!

    Wouldn’t it be fun to share our tunes with each other? Hee hee…who knows, maybe they’re in perfect harmony!

    We’re both lucky. I’m grateful you’ve found your way here…blessed to feel your vibe in my flow of life.

    In Harmony… Debra
    PS~I always sign w/In Harmony…guess it has really direct purpose today! XO
    .-= Debra´s last blog ..Desperately Seeking? Time for a Re-Frame! =-.


  29. Patrice Says:

    Here’s my Lakshmi story. I received that same email you did, Debra, a couple of months ago. It reminded me of The Empress in the tarot deck. I sent it on its viral way to some friends and decided to print out the image and put it on my refrigerator.

    While I thought the image was beautiful, I really didn’t have a connection with the energy of Lakshmi. I would see it everyday on my refrigerator, but didn’t experience any FELT sense of who Lakshmi is. And needless to say, I have been struggling with abundance issues.

    Yesterday, the wind blew the image off the refrigerator, and since I really wasn’t “feeling” Lakshmi, I discarded it. When I got on my computer a little lsyrt, I signed into HubPages and, there in front of me, was an article on Lakshmi and the mantra – Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha — and featuring the very same image I had just thrown in the trash. Talk about a wake up call! I immediately searched for the image (thankfully, I had saved it), printed out another copy, and wrote the mantra on the bottom of it.

    So now, I have another opportunity to make Lakshmi a part of my life. Your articles on her are very helpful as well. I’m glad I found them.


  30. Debra Says:

    Wow Patrice, that’s amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    The best part of your story for me is your willingness to pay attention…your willingness to say ‘YES!’ and be consciously attuned to what is being shown for you.

    Lakshmi’s energy is powerful. Isn’t it cool that she gave you another chance? Her energy is always available to you…but it’s you who has to awaken that energy within and allow it to be alive in your life.

    The magic is with you. Turn it on! :)

    I’m so glad you’ve found Lakshmi here, in my experiences. Please visit again…

    In Harmony,
    .-= Debra´s last blog ..Desperately Seeking? Time for a Re-Frame! =-.


  31. sarah seidelmann Says:

    Debra- Wow- I thought I was the only one, lol! I did not know Jeanette in April when you posted this but discovered Lakshmi this summer in an image that captivated me- it was an oild panting of Lakshmi- illustrating the concept of Dharma- when we follow our destiny and use our GIFTS- its like two elphants gently spraying water on you (like her image)- life is ease…..well fast forward- I ordered the patining and now its been framed and has been hung in my lounging area:) Cant wait to see what happens next!:)


    • Debra Says:

      Beautiful, Sarah! I bet that painting is gorgeously stunning.

      I’m sure of one thing…what ever happens next is going to be dazzlingly red-hot wonderful! How could it be anything other than that?

      I love your JoyJunket site & videos. You and Suzi ooze JOY. And that just happens to be right up my alley.

      Thanks for visiting here…hope to see more of you!

      Shine on, Brilliant One! XO Debra :)


  32. Patricia Says:

    good chant from website:

    Om Mahalakshmyai cha vidmahe
    vishnu patnyai cha dhimahi
    tanno Lakshmihi prachodayat


  33. Barbara Says:

    This version of the Lakshmi mantra is fantastic to chant along!
    Deva Premal



    • Debra Says:

      Thank you so much, Barbara! Deva Premal is one of my favorite musicians and I love that she offers this mantra…how extra wonderful!! Blessings of JOY, Grace, Ease and Abundance on all levels be yours. <3


      • Bliss Says:

        Lakshmi is the Mother of the Vedas and Ayurveda this is most Important and of greater Value than Material Wealth OM Sri Maha Lakshmiyei Svaha ek sah Ram Ram Ram

        Her Nectar gives forth Abundance


  34. tracy jones Says:

    i need to know if, when you finish the 40 days, you can start again, or does that have a negative effect-if you do it more than once??


  35. Arjun Says:

    Hi All,

    I read that many of you have successfully completed 1 cycle ( 40days) of chanting the Mahalakshmi mantra.

    many have written that they feel more energetic , happy & abundant from within.

    But has anyone actually experienced any substantial financial benefits from the chanting ??

    Regards – Arjun



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