Seeing Life through Rose Colored Glasses

In my life I’ve always been the one called out for wearing rose colored glasses.  The metaphorical kind.

There was a time in my life where others attempted to lead me to believe that wearing rose colored glasses was wrong; that by wearing them I was somehow out of touch with reality.

Funny, right? Knowing what I/we know…  We are each responsible for creating our own reality.  And so, if this is the case…and it is…then my choice to see the world through rose colored glasses has served me very well.  (And it has)

Growing Up in the School of Hard Knocks

I remember so many instances growing up hearing adults around me say to one another:

  • Get your head out of the clouds!
  • Take those silly rose colored glasses off and see life for what it is!
  • Get real!
  • What do you think…life’s supposed to be a bowl of cherries?!
  • You can’t have your cake and eat it, too!
  • Oh yeah, to you life is all sunshine and rainbows!

I listened with a certain curiosity.
I wondered why the world these adults were living in was seemingly so bad?
What kind of glasses were they viewing life through?
Maybe they wanted to try mine.

My world through rose colored glasses

I observed that I rather liked my head in the clouds…watching them float by, seeing angels, bunny rabbits, pirate ships and castles.

I looked at life and  really did see sunshine and rainbows.  As far as a bowl of cherries go, they’ve never been my personal favorite…but if someone else likes them, why wouldn’t life be just like that?

340003350 563413ae92 Seeing Life through Rose Colored GlassesI noticed that when I was at celebrations that included cake I could have it…and eat it, too!  And…there was always icing on the cake!  Bonus.  Why would someone think I could have cake…but I couldn’t eat it?  Strange reality these people lived.

Sunshine and rainbows have always been magical to me.  I see them all the time.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen a day yet where the sun hasn’t shone…OK, so maybe there are clouds at times…but I know the sun rises to greet each new day; has ever since I started paying attention!

I’ve seen double and triple rainbows as well as an abundance of singles.  While living on Kauai rainbows were a natural part of my day.  My life was then, and is now filled with sunshine and rainbows.  I like it like that.  It brings me joy.  And why not?

Life’s Road is paved with…

Why is it that human nature at times tends to sway in the direction of belief that life is somehow meant to be hard, fraught with challenge, obstacles, rough spots and stuck or yuck?

Who ever gave us the notion that life was to be anything other than JOYful, FEEL GOOD, HAPPY…and just plain delicious to live?

I believe we can find rainbows in every situation.  If that makes me one of those silly rose colored glasses wearers, then so be it!

  • I’m proud to take my stand as someone who’s committed to seeing the good in life.
  • I’m committed to creating my reality the way I see it; the way I want it to be.

Did you know rose colored glasses are FREE?

It’s trueRose colored glasses are a CHOICE. And they’re completely FREE for the choosing!

Well, the metaphorical kind are, anyway.  I’ve had some pretty cool regular ones, too.  The kind that actually sit on your face and have bows that extend over your ears.

They cost a few couple bucks, unless you find a pair discarded on the roadside when someone feels life’s not meant to be so glorious and they leave them behind!

That’s happened to me before!  I’ve found someone else’s discarded glasses…and they just happened to be rose colored.  No kidding!  Meant for me, yes?

Are you laughing? Good.  I’m serious.  Laughing again? No?  Why not?  Yes? Good.

Rose colored glasses look good on EVERY ONE! They’re not for the faint of heart, though.  Beware.

  • Wearing rose colored glasses will get you noticed.
  • People will wonder just what’s gotten into you.
  • Others will question your sanity; surely no one could be this happy.
  • Your loved ones will wonder if it’ll ever where off; secretly hoping not.

Other rose colored glasses wearers will be drawn to you like bees to honey.  You’re sweet…and you know where the feel good is.

  • Expect sudden bursts of JOY in your life while wearing them.
  • There are no known side effects for wearing them 24/7.
  • Even in sleep time, people have reported deeper, more restful sleep and magically inspiring dreams while wearing their rose colored glasses in bed.

I’ve heard other bed time reports as well.  Wearing rose colored glasses at all times (even during bed times…) increases the feel good across the board.  Use your imagination if further explanation is necessary.  Good stuff.

My Story 

My character, my inner brilliance has always been strong; my own experience has always spoken more loudly to me than what someone else may suggest to be true.

Though there were some years where I attempted to mask the effects of my rose colored glasses on my life from the rest of the world so as not to outwardly draw undue attention to the joy I was living; in time I realized that letting my rose colored-ness shine was good for me…and overall, it has had a pretty decent effect on those around me as well.


The story I’m sharing doesn’t include stuck and yuck pieces.  That doesn’t mean there weren’t any.  There were plenty from another view.  I’m choosing to tell the story from my rose colored glasses view…and from that perspective I see JOY.  Period.  …and the stucky-yucky places-spaces?  The joy within them.  That’s the ticket.

The following is an excerpt from Esther and Jerry Hicks, “The Law of Attraction”.

It seems Abraham likes rose colored glasses, too!

How Do We Avoid Influence from Old Beliefs and Habits?

Jerry: Abraham, it seems to be particularly difficult for most of us to discarding old ideas, beliefs, and habits. Would you be willing to give us a affirmation that would assist us in avoiding any influence from our past experiences and beliefs?

Abraham: I am powerful in my now. We are not encouraging a discarding of old ideas, for in trying to get rid of them you actually only think about them more. And, some of your old ideas are worth keeping. Just be more aware of how you are directing your thoughts, and make a decision that you want to feel good…… Today no matter where I am going, no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to see that which I want to see. Nothing is more important than that I feel good.

Jerry: So, if people are witnessing the negatives being broadcast through the media, or even listening to problems that they might hear presented by their friends, how could they keep the negativity from offsetting them?

Abraham: By setting forth the intent, in every segment of their life experience, to see that which they want to see. And then, even from the most negative presentations, they could see something that they want.

Are you wearing your rose colored glasses 24/7? When do you notice you’ve forgotten to don them?  
What are some of your most gleaming rose colored glasses moments? Do tell!  I so love to hear from you.

PS~Life IS a bowl of cherries.
PPS~You CAN have your cake and eat it, too!
PPPS~I AM living proof.  :0)

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15 Responses to “Seeing Life through Rose Colored Glasses”

  1. Kevin Boon Says:

    Yes Debra… love the glasses and a great reminder to live 24/7 the positive experience. Kevin

    Kevin Boon’s last blog post..Jeremy Gutsche – Exploiting Chaos and Seizing Opportunity


  2. makasha Says:

    Hey Deb,

    i was reading your post on looking through rose colored glasses and really got turned on, because i experienced the same thing when i was going up, so as i read, i went ya, and didn’t know that this was your post until i came to the bottom and was going to send a thank you to the one that wrote this post, and low and behold, it was you, you darling you…

    makasha’s last blog post..Community Apprenticeship Certification Program


  3. Jonathan Lockwood Says:

    I really loved this post, and appreciated the quote from Abraham: “Just be more aware of how you are directing your thoughts, and make a decision that you want to feel good…”

    I read so much, but am just now realizing that reading the Jerry and Esther Hicks books…I feel good. Have to re-read them. Thank You.

    Jonathan Lockwood’s last blog post..Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


  4. Debra Says:

    Woooooo-Hoooo!!! Just had to add this incredible addition from Abraham.

    Get on the Rose Colored Glasses train…let’s go for a ride…a Rampage of Appreciation!!!

    Enjoy the ride… :0)

    Kevin, Makasha and Jonathan…so good to know there are men in my circle who are proudly stating their affinity for Rose Colored Glasses!!

    Pink (rose) is the color of love, my friends…and it looks goooood on you!

    In Harmony…with JOY…and a Rampage of Appreciation!!!!!! Debra


  5. Good Vibe Coach Says:

    I’ll be thinking of you and this post as I start reading the book “Pollyanna” tomorrow (gifted to me by dad last week).

    Thanks for a great foundation to pick it up, my friend! :)

    Good Vibe Coach’s last blog post..Settle or Hold Out: When the Manifestation is Close But Not Quite


  6. Debra Says:

    Oh my goodness, Jeannette!

    I had completely forgotten about little Miss Pollyanna! That’s another one to add to the list of memorables from when I was young…

    “You’re such a Pollyanna” HAH! Yup. …and proud of it.

    How cool that your Dad gifted that book to you…must go find it (again) myself!!

    Thanks for stopping by, always LOVE and APPRECIATE your offerings. :)


  7. Laura Says:

    Debra, Thank you for celebrating life through the lens of your rose colored glasses. I appreciate your reminder of something that can be so simple, joyful, and alive for our lives. I’m proud to wear mine and I’ll do that more actively!

    Laura’s last blog post..The sound of laughter


  8. Richard Franklin Morse Says:

    Just read ‘Pollyanna’, great book! Thank you for the inspiration!
    Richard Franklin Morse


  9. Katja Langholz Says:

    Yes, my friend, I can attest to your rosy glasses, they were the first thing I noticed about you, your laugh is infectious and I treasure the many silly moments or rather hours shared, giggling hysterically! That is not to say there isn’t depth, but why separate the profound and the joyous, they are one.
    My pink glasses get whipped out of my purse and onto my nose immediately and every time these days, when I notice that I am going off track emotionally. “Oh goodie, check it out I am having an issue, I wonder what the bowl of cherries will be that is waiting to be discovered by me?” (and I do LOVE cherries) Instantly the focus is changed and opportunities abound to make life even better, boy were will this lead?

    Sweet flights of fancy, always….


  10. Debra Says:

    Oh my goodness!! Do you have any idea how tickled pink this Rose Colored Glasses wearer is that you stopped by?! :)

    …and you sprinkled your yummy feel good right here; THANK YOU!!

    I would guess that our Rose Colored Glasses-ness is one of the main things that drew us together, yes?

    Thanks for matching (and even raising) my vibe; I just love and appreciate you SO much!

    Here’s to bowls of cherries and rainbows with pots of gold that never end!

    …and yes, sweet flights of fancy, always… Mwah! XO



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